pax? multiple entries?


pax? multiple entries?

Apr 02, 2016


I would like to know what means ''pax'' in your pricing section?
For example :
1 month single : service fee : 19 USD (1 pax) + stamping fee : 25 USD/pax

Also, what is the difference between single and multiple entries?

Finally, with what currency do we have to pay the stamping fee at airport in Vietnam? (canadian dollars? us dollars? vietnam currency?)

Thank you!

Vietnam Evisa Support
Apr 02, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for your question!

1. Pax means person. The service fee for 1 month single visa is $19US/person

2. Single entry visa: you are allowed to enter Vietnam just once, when you leave, you can not return. With multiple entries visa: you can enter and leave Vietnam many times as you want in the valid time that you are allowed to stay in Vietnam

3. You should prepare cash in US dollar to pay for stamping fee. You can pay in other currencies but the exchange rate will be very high

Best regards,

Evisa Team

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