My e-visa is processing and my flight is tomorrow morning

United Kingdom

My e-visa is processing and my flight is tomorrow morning

Sep 30, 2018
Hi, I am hoping you can help. My boyfriend and I applied for our e-visa (30 days) beginning of last week. His visa is approved and mine is still pending. We are due to fly at 7am tomorrow.

Do you know I can enter Vietnam with the 15 days exemption (I’m British) and change to the e-visa when it’s approved and I’m already in the county by going to the immigration office?

My little sister is joining us from the 15th-30th so entering and leaving and coming back isn’t an option.

Or is it better to not take our flights, wait for my visa and book flights for later in the week?

Thank you!
Vietnam Evisa Support
Oct 01, 2018
Dear Lauren,

With UK passport holders, you have 15 days visa exemption if you don't enter VIETNAM 30 days before and passport valid more than 6 months

If you enter VIETNAM with visa exemption, you have to leave the country once visa is expired and re enter with e-visa. You couldn't change it in the immigration office

It depends on your itinerary to decide take flight today or wait for e visa (30 days)


Celine Nguyen

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