E-visa entry Date change.

Mohammad Dostogir

E-visa entry Date change.

Aug 03, 2018
Dear, I need two questions answer about Vietnam e-visa. As follows
1. My e visa mention need to enter Vietnam from 20th July to 15th August 2018. Questions is... I have to enter Vietnam and go out with in these date, or I have to enter Vietnam with it these date.
2. Is that possible change enter Vietnam e visa date. I want come after 25th August. Can I apply for change entry date. If yes, how and where I have apply it. I am Bangladeshi citizen and passport holder.
Vietnam Evisa Support
Aug 03, 2018

Dear Mohammad,

Thanks for your question!

  1. You can enter Vietnam after Jul/20 but must leave on or before Aug/15
  2. Once the visa is issued, you are not allowed to change anything. If you want to enter Vietnam after Aug/25, please apply new visa and you can do this on line on our website: https://www.vietnam-evisa.org/apply-visa.html

Best regards,

Nina Huynh

Swee Han
Feb 16, 2020
I was granted an e-visa for 25 February 2020 to 26 March 2020. However the airline change my booking to my arrival on the 24 February 2020 instead. Do I have to reapply for a new visa? I am trying to get the airline to re-book my flight back to the original but I needed to know just in case. Thank you.
Vietnam Evisa Support
Feb 17, 2020

Dear  Swee Han

You can not enter the country sooner the arrival date stated on the visa letter. 

if you enter sooner please apply for new visa. 

Best Regards.

Stepfanno Tran (Mr. )

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