British visa waiver scheme - extension to 2018?

Vicky Brown

British visa waiver scheme - extension to 2018?

Jun 12, 2017
I am a British citizen travelling through Vietnam in July 2017 (entering from China by train, leaving to Thailand by plane) and staying in Vietnam for less than 15 days. I have been told that the Vietnamese visa waiver scheme for British citizens, originally planned to expire at the end of June 2017, has now been extended by an extra year. However I cannot find this extension confirmed anywhere in writing. Please can you clarify the situation … does the visa waiver end in June 2017 or 2018? Thank you.
Vietnam Evisa Support
Jun 13, 2017

Dear Vicky,

Thanks for your question!

Until now, we do not know if the Vietnam Immigration will continue to give out that policy to 2018 or not becasue we have not received any official announcement from them. If they do, you will not need to visa to enter this July. Otherwise, you need visa and you can apply online on our website for visa on arrival at this link:

Therefore, you should wait until the end of this July to check if the Vietnam Immigration will extend it or not

Best regards,


Patrick Carter
Jun 27, 2017
All now approved and clear until 30 june 2018. See link below for full confirmation.

Vietnam Evisa Support
Jun 27, 2017

Dear Patrick,


Thanks for your information.



John Howe
Feb 22, 2018
Will be on a cruise ship in first week of July with shore visits to Nha Trang& H C M C.Every year the U.K. visa waiver seems to be not decided until end of June.Can we expect the same this year or will we have time to prepare if it is not continued.

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