6 month multiple entry visa for Canadians entering Vietnam

Dean Thompson

6 month multiple entry visa for Canadians entering Vietnam

Nov 06, 2017
Hi. We will be flying into Ho Chi Minh city on Dec 2 2017 and will be travelling extensively through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos over the period December 2107 to April 2018. It is possible for to get a multiple entry visa for Vietnam that will span the full 6 month period. If so a) how much would it cost b) would this request be expressly stated in the letter you provide and c) what guarantee would we have that such a visa would actually be granted by the immigration officials at Ho Chi Minh city.

A subordinate question is .... In the event that we can not do a 6 month multiple entry visa, would we be able to repeatedly enter vietnam on separate single entry visas, say once from Cambodia and once from Laos for example.

Thanks for your help and information.
Vietnam Evisa Support
Nov 06, 2017

Dear Mr. Dean Thompson,

Thank you for your question. We would like to inform that visa on arrival (VOA) with 6 month multiple entry is for business purpose only (except for the US citizens.) Therefore, you can only apply for one month or 3 month multiple tourist visas, referring to your itinerary. You can do it while in Laos or Cambodia without any problem. Besides, the visa validity would be from the date you put in the application form. For instance, if you apply for a one month multiple tourist visa and your arrival date is Dec 02 2017, the validity would be from Dec 02 2017 to Jan 01 2018 (30 days). Alternatively, applicants will pay 2 types of fee for VOA including the service fee and the stamping fee. The service fee is for visa approval letter processing and paperwork procedures, and the stamping fee is obligatorily paid to the Vietnam Immigration Officer at the arrival airport to get the visa stamped. If applicants book our full package, we will pay this fee on their behalf and assist them in getting their visa in no time. Please see more at https://www.vietnam-evisa.org/visa-fee/canada.html

Should you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at visa@vietnam-evisa.org or call us at (+84) 909 343 525

Best regards,


Hannah Yan (Ms.)

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